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Teaching Assistant Program

Do you want to teach dance? Do you want to combine your love for dance and your passion for teaching into a year round job? Apply to become a Teacher's Assistant!


The TA Application is available for currently enrolled students who are 13 years of age or older. These applications are DUE to the front desk by JUNE 6th if you want to be considered for one of our positions.


TA applicants will be notified by the end of JUNE of your acceptance status. If you are accepted into the program your Teacher Assistant Training Days will be REQUIRED. All TAs will be notified of these days upon acceptance. *Please note we have limited spots for TAs so not everyone will be accepted into the program ~ if you are not accepted this year then please re-apply next year!*

Stardancer Studios offers  the Teaching Assistant Program for ANY Stardancer student age 13 and older! 


Teaching dance is something we are very passionate about and believe to be an excellent career! We all got started in dance classes early and found a passion for teaching dance through assistant teaching and learning from OUR teachers.


We want to be able to offer the same to Stardancer Students! Many of our dancers love dancing and love working with kids! This provides them the opportunity to bring both together in a resume building position!


All TAs are required to attend a full one day workshop every summer in order to help in the classroom come fall. They learn numerous pieces to teaching dance. Some of these include: techniques, terminology, class structure, student to student relationships, teacher to student relationships, teacher to parent relationships, music use, prop use, sandwich method for improvements, stacking method for teaching steps, choreography, recital prep, etc...

This is a very rewarding job but there is quite a bit that goes into preparing for the year, the classes, the events and the shows - that most people are not aware of! We are teaching these TAs the beginning stages of this and letting them try out their skills with a class. 


We are require each interested student to fill out an application and write a short essay for consideration into the program. We discuss each canadiates pros and cons and their progress in their personal classes throughout the previous year to determine who will be added to the Stardancer Staff. 






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