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Monday 5:15 - Hip Hop II*

You have progressed to the next level in your Hip Hop journey and are ready to start taking on more advanced moves! Come and join us for more fun and energetic moves.

Wednesday 4:00 - Jr  Modern I

Want to express yourself and get active? Modern is like Ballet that "breaks the rules"! move and flow to your favorite pop music while creatable interaction with friends. This is a great introduction to dance for "new to dance" students.

Monday 6:45 - Int Tap

Gt ready to make some noise! Tap is one of the most energetic and fun styles of dance that you can find. In this class you will continue to learn how to make music with your feet to some of your favorite beats.

Wednesday 5:15 - Hip Hop I

High Energy and Big movement is what this class is all about! Your student will learn about one of the most popular styles of dance, Hip Hop! They will be begging to show you their new moves.

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